About The AWCC

The AWCC works to represent the interests of wine lovers and to help this unique group pursue their love of wine.

All too often wine consumers are not consulted, not heard and their interests left undefended and unaccounted for when lawmakers and regulators create laws and policy that directly affect the consumer. As a result, consumers face significant burdens accessing the now significant and growing array of wines, beers and spirits in the American marketplace. Consumer convenience is often disregarded in an attempt to protect special interests. Prices are driven up for wine lovers by laws and regulations that protect middlemen and antiquated alcohol distribution systems.

The AWCC works and advocates on behalf of wine lovers at the state and federal level, advancing and protecting their interests.

The AWCC is also committed helping pursue their love of specialty drinks and artisan products through education, events and access to the special member benefits that a life with wine and among wine lovers more fulfilling.