American consumers have played the key role in advancing the status and commercial success of the wine industry in America. Yet, American wine consumers have had little input when laws and regulations and restrictions concerning access to wine and alcohol are debated among regulators, in state legislatures, and in Washington, D.C. This has often left consumers frustrated by anti-consumer laws that make legal access to wine difficult. If wine consumers are to have their unique interests protected from lobbyists and regulatory inertia, they must have a single voice that can raise up consumer interests during legal and political deliberations over access to wine. The American Wine Consumer Coalition seeks to represent the needs and desires of the wine consumer and wine lover in the United States and to be their voice. Additionally, the AWCC seeks to deliver its members significant benefits that advance their interests in learning about and participating in a wine, food and travel lifestyle.


  1. Gather under the AWCC roof a supportive and educated community of wine lovers who are willing to help advance a pro-consumer agenda where alcohol laws and regulations are concerned
  2. Advance the interests of wine consumers in state and national bodies and institutions where laws and regulations governing consumer access to wine and alcohol are determined.
  3. Create state-based chapters of the AWCC and tools for members to interact with their representatives when issues arise in state legislatures that impact their status and rights as wine consumers.
  4. Deliver benefits to wine consumers that support their desire to learn about wine and enjoy a lifestyle in which fine wine, travel and culinary education and experiences are a significant element.
  5. Provide members of the AWCC with access to unique and original wine-related information and events for their continuing education and enjoyment