AWCC MEMBER BENEFIT: Connoisseurs Guide To California Wine

Connoisseurs’ Guide To California Wine

AWCC BENEFIT: New Members of AWCC receive a free-one year subscription to the Connoisseurs’ Guide to California wine (A $90 Value). Additionally after the first year is over, a reduced fee subscription is offered to those who renew their membership with the American Wine Consumer Coalition.

The Los Angeles Times called Connoisseurs’ Guide To California Wine “The Oldest and Most Prestigious California Newsletter,” a perfectly accurate description of a wine newsletter that has been observing and reporting on the California wine and its evolution for nearly 40 years.

For the entirety of these 40 years, CGCW has been written by Publisher/Editor Charles Olken in collaboration with Associate Editor Stephen Eliot. The 12 issues published over the course of a year includes 100’s of review of California and West Coast wines including the tasting panel’s Best Values and Collectors Wines, Issues deliver enlightening and in depth essays  and articles on the state of the California wine and winemaking. Readers learn how older vintages of wines are aging via regular reports on the development of age worthy wines. Subscribers also have access to the deep and comprehensive database of previously reviewed wines going back the vintages of the 1970s.

Connoisseurs Guide To California Wine is one of the best ways  to keep abreast of the increasing number of new and exciting wines released by California wineries each year, as well as build your knowledge and understanding of the state’s wines in order to spend your wine budget wisely.

Every new member of AWCC receives a complimentary 1-year subscription to Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine as a benefit of membership. This is a $90 value, nearly triple the cost of AWCC membership. You can learn more about Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine and read insightful commentary at the The Connoisseurs’ Wine Blog at its website.