Federal Info

While most laws affecting wine consumers are created at the state level, federal legislation can have tremendous effect on how and where consumers access and use wine.


Postal Delivery of Wine
Previous efforts to reform the U.S. Postal Service have included proposals to allow wine to be shipped to consumers home. However, those efforts and bill associated with them failed to move and expired at the end of 2012. We expect new efforts to arise in 2013 and will urge that, again, that shipping wine via the U.S. Postal Service be part of an overall reform package.

Rolling Back Consumer Access to Wine Through Federal Legislation
Twice in the recent years, elements of the alcohol industry have attempted to roll back via federal legislation legal victories that resulted in many states allowing direct to consumer shipment of wine. Two bills introduced and supported by beer, wine and spirit middle men wholesalers failed to come to a vote after wineries, retailers and consumers pushed back. While we do not expect similar efforts in the near term, it is critical to keep a close eye on any future efforts to restrict consumer access to wine. See AWCC’s Statement of Position concerning the direct shipment of wine.