The restrictions on your ability to access the wine you want are in place because consumers don’t demand better. Yet wine consumers are among the best educated, most successful and most politically active of Americans.

JOIN THE AMERICAN WINE CONSUMER COALITION NOW… and be part of a nationwide effort to reform wine access laws, overturn archaic bans on adult access to wine and raise the political voice of wine consumers so they will never be dismissed again.

  • Help fight protectionist laws that support bans on direct shipments of wine.
  • Join fellow wine consumers to advance laws that allow you to have wine legally sent to you from wineries, retailers, wine-of-the-month clubs, and auction houses.
  • Help promote «bring your own» and restaurant corkage laws
  • Be part of the effort to put wine in grocery stores where its access is convenient.
  • Join AWCC and put wine lovers on the political map where they can fight back against nonsensical laws that protect huge companies while harming consumers.